Sunday, May 24, 2009

BLING Day Out - Demo Day


We recently got the opportunity to take our bikes out to the Bling day out, at Hiddenvale Peppers Resort. The tracks are amazing out there with plenty of terain variation and plenty of rocks to test the ride quality of the steel frames.

We took the three DEFCON Bikes out 27Five Steel SS, 27Five Geared front suspended, and the Custom Ti

They had approx 100-150 riders attend and our bikes were out most of the day, with great results, our main objective was to get a little brand reccognition and also get some much needed rider responses to the frames, ride characteristics, and feedback. Im pleased to say that all that we recieved was very positive.

Big shout outs must go to Hayden and Peter for organising the event, and also Big thanks to Duncan from D.I.Y MTB for supplying the X-Fusion Velvet fork upfront on the Geared bike, they really are a great fork, and if you get a chance to test or ride one, i reccomend it.

1 comment:

  1. I wish I was out there to see these machines.
    What are the pros and cons with running cables below the top tube instead of along the top?
    I find this a hassle when using a bike carrier like a thule.
    The rack bars squash the cables against the bike's top tube wrecking the paint job very quickly.