Monday, February 23, 2009

Sample DEFCON 650b Frames Arrive

Heres a Couple of our Sample Steel 650b Frames.

Couple of the features are Double butted Cro-Mo, Sliders, 650b Geo, and 650b tyre clearances.

We hope to get these sorted and into production sooner rather than later, look out for production models in a few months.
Sliding Dropouts, allow for easy Single Speed set ups, or geared.

We will be getting rid of the rack bosses, and making a couple of changes from these, nothing major, just a couple of mis-comunications with the Factory, It all good though.

We had two done, we will test one as SS and one geared, after we play with a few Graphic options, and send one around for a few people to check out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

650b Stans ZTR rims

We have just landed a small batch of Stans ZTR 355 650b rims.

On the scales the one i weighed was at 365gms, sweet.

These are all taken by pre-orders but we have more coming that will be available approx mid to late March, laced up with White Industries MI6 Hubset will make one nice wheelset, RRP should be around the $995AUD mark with DT double butted spokes, including a set of PACENTI 650b tyres

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